Big Sol Ranch believes that every person deserves the opportunity to connect with animals. We are committed to those who need us in their lives.

Our services are dedicated to serving a range of individuals and groups, including:

  • Foster Youth
  • Families who have suffered the loss of a loved one
  • Adolescents and adults who have experienced trauma
  • Victims of physical or emotional abuse
  • Domestic abuse survivors
  • Patients with terminal medical conditions
  • Individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, or thoughts of suicide
  • Those affected by PTSD
  • Those in recovery from substance abuse Individuals coping with grief and loss

Our Services

Horseback Guided Meditation

In these beautiful sessions there will be three handlers on the ground to ensure your safety, so that you can deeply relax, and let go while being guided into meditation. 

Sol Bath with Horses

Experience an enchanting sound bath ceremony at dusk in our covered arena, with horses helping guide you into meditation. Sound bath sessions are proven to help reduced anxiety levels, tension, and sadness as well as diminish pain. 

Trail Rides

Horseback Trail Rides

Experience the beautiful hill country with a one on one trail ride. Learn how to navigate the trail and guide your horse through the terrain.  

Intro into Horses

Students will learn the basic understanding of horse anatomy, safety around horses, and reading the horses body language. We will learn how to properly groom, tack, and then have an opportunity to take a short ride with one on one instruction.

Swimming with Horses

Swimming with horses 😍 Create memories that will last forever. Learn how to safely enter the water with a horse and get the horse to relax with you. Our horses absolutely love the water, and its great way for them to take the weight off their body and become weightless. They have a way of making the person swimming next to them feel weightless as well. 

Riding Lessons

Learn the basics to becoming a great horseman or horsewomen. In your one on one session, you will learn how to groom, tack, and mount horses safely.In our beginner lessons you will become proficient in walk, trot, control, and balance.

Ground Work

Ground work is the foundation of all horse related activities, and will establish a relationship between you and the horse. In our ground work sessions we will be tapping into the horses way of communication, body language. Learn to read and respond to small or big questions they might be asking you. Explore the beauty in creating trust and confidence between you and your horse. 

Horses have partnered up with us for thousands of years, but as we evolve, horses have been able to step into a different role, a healing role. They are able to connect us back to ourselves, our bodies, our minds, and our hearts. Each service offers a unique experience to help us get on our path to healing with equine assistance. 


*Our services are 100% FREE of charge for approved applicants 

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