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At the end of a winding rocky road in Skyline Acres is a little horse arena with an enormous dream. Big Sol Ranch is the passion project of founder Carly Beers.

She and her gifted equine partners work together to serve and help the community through a variety of healing modalities.

After experiencing her own transformation through work with horses, Carly was inspired to help others through equine assisted healing. Her life's mission, at a very early age, became a pursuit of understanding our equine companions and the transformative power of the equine experience, which led to various aspects of horsemanship including: natural horsemanship schooling, dressage, horse packing, and collaborating with other nonprofits committed to equine therapy. Carly was then able to create her own program and has seen extraordinary results.

Horses are able to mirror our emotions without judgment or human reaction, giving us the clarity and strength to ground our energy and move through it. Connecting with horses expands self-awareness and supports emotional healing. With this uncanny ability to show us our unconscious feelings and react to the energy we are putting out, they play a huge role in healing our deepest wounds. We are then able to adjust and see authentic change through the horse when we move through an emotion. Oftentimes you will see a horse yawn, shift their weight, or lick and chew when they feel a shift of energy of the person beside or on top of them.

Due to Carly's passion to help people move through traumas, this nonprofit was born.

Big Sol Ranch serves a wide variety of people from foster youth, families who have suffered the loss of a loved one, victims of physical or emotional abuse, those affected by PTSD, veterans, and more.

Big Sol Ranch uses a unique approach to equine healing. They often incorporate sound healing with crystal bowls and tuning forks, meditation via horseback, yoga, breathwork, swimming, and more. They also use more traditional techniques such as learning how to ride and get out on the trails with the horses. These gentle giants are prey animals, and their herd mentality is deeply ingrained in their nature, thus making them dependent on solid leadership.

Carly often talks about the similarity of riding horses and being on the dance floor with a partner. Someone has to lead the dance or it won't work. When riding you have to have clear intentions, rhythm, and a plan of action, which can directly translate outside of the equine realm into your everyday personal life.

Big Sol Ranch relies on the generous hearts of a community who recognizes that wellness is as contagious as illness. When the people of a community are whole and healed, the entire community thrives. They offer a place free from judgment and are committed to exciting real change in the world.

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