Healing with Horses 

We hold the space for horses to bring hope, heal emotional traumas, and bring mindfulness to humans.


"Just when you think the weight of the world is too much to bear, a horse is there to carry you and help you feel light again."

-Big Sol Ranch 

Why are we partnering with horses?

Horses are able to mirror our emotions without judgment or human reaction, giving us the clarity and strength to ground our energy and move through it. Connecting with horses expands self awareness and supports emotional healing.

Horses can hear and then synchronize their heartbeat with a human‘s heartbeat, as well as read our emotions before we have consciously registered it within ourselves. With this uncanny ability to show us our unconscious feelings and react to the energy we are putting out, they play a huge role in healing our deepest wounds. We are then able to adjust and see authentic change through the horse when we move through an emotion. Often times you will see a horse yawn, shift their weight, or lick and chew when they feel a shift of energy of the person beside or on top of them. 

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